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Energizing Our Cities: Battery and Energy Storage Technologies for Urban Settings

NY-BEST/NYIT Conference

“Energy storage technologies are at the forefront of the next wave of the cleantech revolution, with new products and applications for clean transport, energy efficient buildings and the smart grid.  Strategic investments are needed to accelerate the development and full commercialization of these technologies. What is the current state of these technology advancements, what products are being introduced into the marketplace, what are the real world experiences with these products to date and how will their applications shape urban life in the future?”


Ann Introduces UN Women’s “3 Pillars of Sustainability”

© Ann Goodman 2012

It was an honor to moderate the UN Women NYC’s panel–“Three Pillars of Sustainability”–at Saatchi & Saatchi’s Manhattan offices Tuesday evening, May 8.

As we approach the global Rio + 20 conference on sustainability next month, the topic could hardly be timelier.

Below, I share with you my introductory comments to the audience of over one hundred men and women in the business, government and non-profit sectors.

Stay tuned–right here–for more inspiring voices from the panelists!

Anna Falth, Aaron Baum, Christy Scazzero, Heather Potters & Lara Crampe

“Thanks to the whole crew at UN Women NYC for inviting me to moderate this important panel tonight–especially Cheryl, Diane and Dee Dao.

“And particular thanks to these two remarkable young girls, age 6 and 8, who have raised money for water wells in the developing world! Their work embodies a key message of the initial definition of sustainable  development, namely “meeting the needs of the present without  compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own  needs.” There’s inter-generational equity built into the definition.  And the future is our inspiration in the present! Continue reading “Ann Introduces UN Women’s “3 Pillars of Sustainability””