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Sandy 5-Year Anniversary Roundtable at Red Hook

Sandy 5-Year Anniversary Roundtable at Red Hook

On October 28, 2017, Dr. Goodman participated in a Roundtable at Red Hook in Brooklyn, NY on the 5th Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. The NYC-wide event focused on the evolving community discussion of climate resilience and response, particularly in response to this year’s devastating hurricanes in Houston and Puerto Rico.

For more pictures of the event, and detailed coverage of the climate action on October 28 in NYC, check out Metropolis Mag and the article included below from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

Photo by Anita Glesta.



Storm of Opportunity: Business Models and Urban Resilience Panel in Gainesville, FL

Dr. Goodman will host a panel on December 2, 2017 entitled Storm of Opportunity: Business Models and Urban Resilience at the 6th International Network of Tropical Architecture Conference, Tropical Storms as a Setting for Adaptive Development and Architecture, at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.v

The panel will feature insights from Lou Ferretti of IBM and Samantha Medlock of Willis Towers Watson into the ongoing efforts of businesses preparing for climate resilience.

Even as the current US federal government seeks to roll back environmental regulations and agreements, including the Paris climate accord, new partnerships are sprouting to ensure that we avoid disasters related to climate.

Nowhere is this phenomenon more visible than in the growing cooperation between companies and cities, as these institutions begin to collaborate increasingly to deter climate disasters and the potentially deadly impacts of storms and floods, which have already affected coastal cities—along with the companies that both need and support them.

Join Dr. Goodman and her panelists in December.

Adapting to Change Spanish Translation, Launch in Bogota

Adapting to Change: The Business of Climate Resilience is being translated into Spanish!

The translated version of the book will launch during CEID Colombia’s 10th International Environmental Congress, titled “The Role of Cities in the Implementation of the Paris Agreement and the Fulfillment of SDG” on October 23-24, 2017 in Bogota, Colombia.  Dr. Goodman will join the CEID Congress alongside Lester Brown, author of Full Planet Empty Plates: The New Geopolitics of Food Scarcity


Climate Week 2017

Adapting to Change: The Business of Climate Resilience was released one year ago during NYC’s Climate Week 2016.

This year, Dr. Goodman will moderate a panel at CUNY’s Baruch College to discuss the ongoing challenges and successes in climate collaboration. Guest panelists will include:

LOU FERRETTI, Project Executive, Product Environmental Compliance and Supply Chain Social Responsibility, IBM

KIMBERLEY HILL KNOTT, Policy Director, Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice

NILDA MESA, Director, Urban Sustainability and Equity Planning, Urban Design Lab, Columbia University

COL. MARK READ, Head, Department of Geography & Environment Engineering, United States Military Academy

Join us for the panel and reception on Tuesday September 19 from 6:15 – 8:00 pm. See the Climate Week NYC page for more details!

Upcoming Webinar on January 11 – The Business of Risk: Climate and Resilience

 Climate change poses serious and novel risks to businesses of all types and sizes–from supply and chain disruptions, to changes in national and international regulation, to shifting expectations of employees and customers. Moderated by Dr. Ann Goodman, author of Adapting to Change: The Business of Climate Resilience, this webinar will explore the implications of climate risk for business. Experts from among the companies most advanced in resilience thinking will share their views of how climate risk has changed their firms’ products, services, and ways of doing business—and how to weigh the costs of acting on climate against the risks of not preparing.

Join us for the webinar on January 11th at 1:15pm EST. Check back for registration details.

National Council for Science and the Environment Webinar

Dr. Goodman recently moderated a webinar titled “The Business of Resilience: Climate and Energy” for the National Council for Science and the Environment on alternative and renewable energy strategies and climate resilience being pursued by some of the firms profiled in her new book, Adapting to Change: The Business of Climate Resilience. She was joined by panelists Bruce Schlein, Director of Alternative Energy Finance at Citi, and Jay Bruns, former Vice President of Public Policy at The Hartford. Some of the topics covered include innovative energy financing programs, new products and services offered by Citi and The Hartford, and how renewable energy has been incorporated into their businesses.

For a full video of the webinar, you can access it via NCSE’s website here. Note: You will need Adobe Connect to view the webinar.

Adapting to Change at 1st Annual International Technical Workshop on Climate Risk Conference

Dr. Goodman on the Maine coast.
Dr. Goodman presenting on her book at the conference.

October 21-22, 2016 Dr. Goodman participated in the 1st Annual International Technical Workshop on Climate Risk Conference in Wells, Maine. She presented on her new book, Adapting to Change: The Business of Climate Resilience. Her talk focused on the main takeaways from the book, and detailed some of the impressive resilience methods pursued by the major companies profiled in the book.