What Keeps Sustainability Execs Awake?

© Ann Goodman 2012

At BBB’s NYC Forum on Corporate Responsibility on June 7, sustainability thought leaders talking about global and domestic challenges, solutions and trends had the following to say about what keeps them up at night:

Pamela Gill Alabaster

L’Oreal’s SVP, Corporate Communications,Sustainable Development & Public Affairs:

“Sustainable consumption–fewer resources, a swelling middle class,

[how to] share responsibility.”

Anisa Kamadoli Costa

VP, Global Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, Tiffany & Co., and President, The Tiffany & Co. Foundation:

“Balancing Wall Street’s short-term earnings [demands] with long-term sustainability goals.”

Dave Stangis

VP, Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility,

Campbell Soup Company, and President, Campbell Soup Foundation:

“The sheer amount of things we could do…as I plug into all the parts of the business, the untapped opportunities in brand building, efficiencies…”

And where do they see the field going in the next five to 10 years?

Stangis: “This concept [of sustainability] is spreading from leading brands to all brands, so we’ll see opportunity for growth for brands that have created competitive advantage.

Costa: “Marrying innovation with indicators…we’ll see industry leading the effort.”

Alabaster: “I hope the function will become obsolete because of integration” into the business.


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