Ann and Lakis to Speak at Commitforum! in NYC, Oct. 2-3

Commitforum!, October 2-3, NYC

Join Ann Goodman and colleague Lakis Polycarpou at their session “Sustainable Supply Chains in the Age of Natural Disasters”

For 30% discount on entire conference, register at using ID Code GOODMAN30.

In the summer and fall of 2011 a torrent of rain and subsequent flooding washed over Thailand, a major supplier and key link in global supply chains, causing billions in damage and production shutdowns, with global automotive and computer companies among the hardest hit. While the scale of damage was unprecedented, it was only the latest

of a series of recent climate related disasters that are forcing companies to rethink their supply chain strategies.

To adapt to a predicted increase in extreme weather events, globalized businesses will need to adopt more flexible and sustainable business models and supply chains. At the same time, the increasing likelihood of various climate regulations around the world, as well as growing pressure from corporate responsibility-minded customers, will add layers and complexity to this challenge.

We will convene a Working Group Session panel of experts to address the issue of natural disaster-related supply chain risk—at its simplest, physical risk, whose implications affect companies’ financial, regulatory and reputational risk.

Our panel will be composed of key leaders from the business and research worlds who are addressing the issue of sustainable supply chains, including sectors particularly at risk. Our work on sustainability in the corporate, non-profit and academic sectors—covering, among others, clean technologies, climate and water issues, as well as their social implications—give us a uniquely valuable perspective on these issues to guide workshop participants along a tangible way forward.


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