Storm of Opportunity: Business Models and Urban Resilience Panel in Gainesville, FL

Dr. Goodman will host a panel on December 2, 2017 entitled Storm of Opportunity: Business Models and Urban Resilience at the 6th International Network of Tropical Architecture Conference, Tropical Storms as a Setting for Adaptive Development and Architecture, at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.v

The panel will feature insights from Lou Ferretti of IBM and Samantha Medlock of Willis Towers Watson into the ongoing efforts of businesses preparing for climate resilience.

Even as the current US federal government seeks to roll back environmental regulations and agreements, including the Paris climate accord, new partnerships are sprouting to ensure that we avoid disasters related to climate.

Nowhere is this phenomenon more visible than in the growing cooperation between companies and cities, as these institutions begin to collaborate increasingly to deter climate disasters and the potentially deadly impacts of storms and floods, which have already affected coastal cities—along with the companies that both need and support them.

Join Dr. Goodman and her panelists in December.


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